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BMS Oral Health Leadership


Dr. Joseph Radix, BMS Dental Director, was born in Grenada, West Indies, spending his formative years there, where he obtained his secondary education at the Grenada Boys Secondary School (GBSS).

Following graduation, he spent time traveling, with an extended stay in London, England. Later he enrolled at Virginia State University, in Petersburg, Virginia, as a chemistry major. It was there he decided to become a dentist.

Dr. Radix is a 1984 graduate of the Famous Howard University College of Dentistry in Washington, DC. Before his current position as Lead Dental Clinician, he held the position of Dental Director at the Lyndon Baines Johnson Health Center in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn.



There are still inadequate numbers of dental practices in East Brooklyn available to provide oral health care for the community. As a result, aside from disparate rates of co-morbidities such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and respiratory disease, the community contributes adversely to oral health disparities and further impacts maternal and infant health and mortality.

The opening of the Bristol Dental site restored exam room capacity for a total of ten (10) dental operatories. After that, BMS will re-open the BMS Dental @ Genesis site for a total of fifteen (15) dental operatories.


BMS Family Health and Wellness Centers began Dental Services in 1988 at 444 Hopkinson Street, Brooklyn, NY 11212 (renamed Thomas S. Boyland Street) - the initial location of the BMS Family Health and Wellness Centers Center opened previously, in 1982. The dental practice operated under the leadership of Dr. Gregory Haskins with clinical support, provided by one (1) Dental Assistant and one (1) Receptionist, and the team utilized three (3) dental
chairs, a dental lab, and an x-ray room. Before offering oral health care services, BMS also provided primary care services to adults and children in this location, making this dental department BMS’s first expansion project that co-located dental and medical services.

Since 1988, BMS has sought to reduce oral health care disparities and expanded access to oral health care services in the Brownsville and East New York communities of Brooklyn. In 1992, BMS relocated its dental department to 592 Rockaway Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11212, to a suite on the 1st floor of the new 27,000SF BMS Family Health and Wellness Centers Main location. The building was purchased with bond financing through the Dormitory Authority of New York (DASNY). Before this, bond financing was reserved for inpatient medical facilities such as hospitals.

BMS was the first outpatient ambulatory care facility in New York to secure this financing. In the new building, the dental suite was reestablished with three (3) dental operatories, a dental lab, and a patient waiting room with 1,120SF dedicated to the dental department.

Over the years, BMS Dental grew to three dental practices - BMS Dental @ Main, BMS Dental @ Genesis and BMS Dental @ Ashford, a total of twelve (12) dental operatories across all sites providing services to the residents of Brownsville and East New York. First, in May 2012, BMS expanded dental services to the East New York Community, opening a standalone dental center in the HELP USA Genesis Homes Housing Complex, which included five (5) dental operatories. Subsequently, in July 2015, BMS opened its second dental practice in East New York with BMS Dental @ Ashford located on the second floor of the BMS @ Ashford satellite health center that included four (4) additional operatories.

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